About Canberra IQ

Canberra IQ delivers the most comprehensive and efficient e-digest of Australian federal politics and policy.

Timely email bulletins from the Canberra Press Gallery provide links to the direct output of politicians, agencies, and interest groups.

The majority of our content is not reported by other media – we provide links to the sources of their stories and to sources of many stories they don’t report.


Starting in 2007 as Science Media, we pioneered online delivery of news from Parliament House.

We developed the Smartcast system to:

  • simultaneously send subscribers content targeted to their needs
  • store all content for their future reference
  • Our searchable database is available to subscribers immediately, and publicly available after 4 weeks.
  • Subscribers range from individuals to organisations who forward our service to staff or stakeholders.

They all have two needs in common:

  • to know what is happening in Canberra
  • to know more than other media tell them

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