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The PM, Ministers Canavan and Wyatt and the WA, NT and Queensland Chief Ministers said the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum agreed to provide a framework to advance Indigenous economic development in northern Australia. [Full Text]

Ministers Canavan and Duniam marked the opening of NAIF-funded stage one of the Humpty Doo Barramundi Farm expansion. [Full Text]

The PM said Minister Coleman is on leave for personal reasons with Minister Tudge acting in his role and LNP MP O'Brien delegated to lead negotiations on the South East Queensland City Deal. [Full Text]

Anthony Albanese discussed the White Island eruption, Queensland employment/industry, social media and energy policy and the UK election at a Maryborough doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Plibersek discussed education, vet, climate and energy policy and political issues on ABC Brisbane. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Thistlethwaite and Liberal Senator Paterson discussed bushfires, climate and corporate tax policy and the UK election on ABC24. [Full Text]

ASPI issued an 'ASPI suggests'. [Full Text]

The PM and Minister Reynolds announced the appointment of Rachel Noble as Director-General of the Australian Signals Directorate. [Full Text]

The PM and Minister Chester announced the appointment of Matthew Anderson as Director of the Australian War Memorial. [Full Text]

Treasurer Frydenberg and Minister Taylor announced changes to the AER board. [Full Text]

ENA welcomed that announcement. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Hanson-Young condemned the majority report from a House committee inquiry (see Second Edition). [Full Text]

The ACF said Australia's bipartisan prohibition of nuclear energy should remain in force. [Full Text]

ANSTO welcomed the majority report from a House committee. [Full Text]

The AER invited comment on SA Power Networks' revised regulatory proposal for 2020-25. [Full Text]

The AER invited comment on Ergon Energy's revised regulatory proposal for 2020-25. [Full Text]

The AER invited comment on Energex's revised regulatory proposal for 2020-25. [Full Text]

Minister Morton announced changes to the board of Old Parliament House. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Gallagher issued a commentary on the APS Review and the Government's response (see Second Edition). [Full Text]

The PM&C Secretary and APS Commissioner issued a letter to public servants on that Review and response. [Full Text]

Minister McKenzie and dairy industry representatives discussed the Dairy Code of Conduct (see Second Edition) and climate policy at a press conference. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Fitzgibbon said the Dairy Code is too little, too late for too many dairy farmers. [Full Text]

The Livestock Exporters' Council raised concerns on reported incidents of fraudulent tagging of cattle in Victoria. [Full Text]

The CER issued its inaugural Quarterly Carbon Market Report. [Full Text]

The Climate Council said NSW Minister Kean understands the climate risks and the opportunities associated with credible action on climate change. [Full Text]

The MDBA issued a weekly report. [Full Text]

AG Porter and Minister Ruston issued the second annual progress report on implementation of the Child Abuse RC's recommendations. [Full Text]

The AIC issued 'Crossover kids': Offending by child protection-involved youth'. [Full Text]

Ministers Cash and Sukkar invited submissions on options to protect small businesses from unfair contract terms. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Burke issued a commentary on CBA staff underpayment. [Full Text]

The OAIC announced approval of amendments to the Credit Reporting Code 2014. [Full Text]

Minister Colbeck and his NZ counterpart announced a joint bid to host the FIFA Women's World Cup. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Which way for Europe on China?'. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Resolute and determined: Vietnam's new defence white paper'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Pacifying Australia-China relations'. [Full Text]

Minister Wood said the ABF has seized over 39 million illicit cigarettes in one week in Melbourne. [Full Text]

Minister Price announced a $10.8m contract to build a Health Centre at RAAF Base Townsville [Full Text]

Minister Tudge invited applications for funding for research to address drug resistant tuberculosis and antimicrobial resistance. [Full Text]

Minister Coulton and the NSW Minister issued information on a Bilateral Regional Health Forum in Wagga. [Full Text]

The AMA issued its submission on proposed amendments to the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. [Full Text]

The ACSQHC issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

The Medical Board issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

The TGA issued 'Advertising Code and guidance'. [Full Text]

The Medical Board said a WA radiation oncologist has been deregistered for three years and a half years for understating his income and thus defrauding the Department of Health. [Full Text]

APVMA CEO Parker announced his resignation. [Full Text]

DCA issued information on the National Relay Service transition in Auslan. [Full Text]

The ACNC issued a Commissioner's column. [Full Text]

AMMA welcomed a High Court decision to hear an appeal against the Federal Court's personal/carer's leave decision. [Full Text]

APPEA issued its 2017-18 Financial Survey. [Full Text]

The AEU said education is stuck in a time loop of bad policy, no consultation and an underfunded school system. [Full Text]

CSIRO announced a method to estimate the lifespans of individuals of a species. [Full Text]

The CRCA issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

The ADC issued a monthly report. [Full Text]

NICNAS invited comment on a new tranche of IMAP assessments. [Full Text]

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