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The PM addressed a bushfire relief and recovery peak body roundtable. [ Full text ]

Minister McKenzie issued a communique from a roundtable with primary producers. [ Full text ]

The NFF issued information from that meeting. [ Full text ]

DEE invited comment on proposed amendments to the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Rule 2015 for the transition of ERF projects between proponents. [ Full text ]

CSIRO announced an app/sensor system to report nitrogen levels in waterways. [ Full text ]

ABARES issued a Weekly Australian Climate, Water and Agricultural Update. [ Full text ]

The MDBA issued a weekly report. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan announced $8m for mental health services for childcare and school students in bushfire-declared communities. [ Full text ]

ISCA welcomed that announcement. [ Full text ]

ITECA marked the resignation of TEQSA CEO McClaran (see yesterday's Bulletin). [ Full text ]

DET said STEM jobs are growing almost twice as fast as other jobs. [ Full text ]

ATS issued 'Why I mentor tomorrow's STEM leaders'. [ Full text ]

Greens Senator Hanson-Young called for a Senate committee inquiry into the impact of fires on faunal extinction. [ Full text ]

Defence issued an update on Operation Bushfire Assist. [ Full text ]

Minister Dutton and Shadow Minister Marles discussed Minister McKenzie/sport grants, tourism and climate policy on Today. [ Full text ]

Anthony Albanese discussed bushfire recovery, coal/climate/trade policy and Minister McKenzie/sport grants at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

The Nationals announced the appointment of Jonathan Hawkes as Federal Director. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan announced $30.7m for 47 ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grants. [ Full text ]

CSIRO welcomed one of those grants to upgrade the Parkes telescope. [ Full text ]

CSIRO and US researchers announced a breed of genetically modified mosquitoes resistant to spreading all types of the dengue virus. [ Full text ]

PHA's CEO discussed health insurance policy on 5AA. [ Full text ]

The AMA issued its submission to the Medical Board on draft guidelines for complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments. [ Full text ]

The TGA issued 'Breast implant associated cancer: Information for consumers'. [ Full text ]

The ACSQHC issued a newsletter. [ Full text ]

The TGA issued presentations to a November forum on Good Manufacturing Practice. [ Full text ]

The TGA updated advice on influenza reagents. [ Full text ]

The ACQSC issued a bulletin on registration requirements and process for quality assessors. [ Full text ]

DHACS will host a webinar on 12/2 on the new aged care assessment arrangements. [ Full text ]

Ministers Andrews and Cash said an 'Australian Automotive Industry - Transition following the end of Australian motor vehicle production' report found about 75% of supplier companies remain in business. [ Full text ]

Minister Robert announced $9m for 446 Transition Assistance Grants. [ Full text ]

The NDIA invited Expressions of Interest in appointment to its Pricing Reference Group. [ Full text ]

Ministers Tudge and Howarth announced the opening of the first of 27 homes for people with disability in Tasmania. [ Full text ]

Independent MP Wilkie welcomed that announcement. [ Full text ]

Ministers Birmingham and Coulton said the Hong Kong FTA has entered into force. [ Full text ]

Austrade issued International Visitor Survey and National Visitor Survey data for the year to September 2019. [ Full text ]

Minister Birmingham issued a commentary on that data. [ Full text ]

Minister Littleproud said Regional Investment Corporation drought loans for farm-dependent SMEs will be available from Monday. [ Full text ]

The RIC issued information on that loan program. [ Full text ]

Minister McCormack said the Woolgoolga to Ballina leg of the Pacific Highway upgrade is 85% complete. [ Full text ]

Minister Marino invited nominations for the Indian Ocean Territories Health Service Community Advisory Committee. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Mark Butler said investment in renewable energy collapsed by 60% in 2019. [ Full text ]

The AER invited submissions on Jemena Gas Networks' revised 2020-25 gas access arrangement proposal. [ Full text ]

Mr Albanese and Shadow AG Dreyfus said the Government has failed its deadline for a draft Integrity Commission Bill. [ Full text ]

The ABF detained a Chinese unlawful non-citizen suspected of being involved in exploitation of foreign workers in the WA food processing industry. [ Full text ]

The ABC said fake news articles promoting a bitcoin scam include content purported to be from the ABC. [ Full text ]

The ALRC will host seminars in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for its inquiry into the corporate criminal responsibility regime. [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'Can the 'core' and 'edge' of a 5G network really be separated?'. [ Full text ]

Treasury's Behavioural Economics unit issued a podcast: 'How will artificial intelligence shape our future?'. [ Full text ]

auDA acknowledged the decision of the Registrant Review Panel in regard to ownership of 17 domains. [ Full text ]

The ATO announced the expansion of its Reach Out Indigenous business support pilot program. [ Full text ]

The Submarine Institute issued a response to the ANAO report on the Future Submarine Program (see Tuesday's Bulletin). [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'Can the world order catch up with the world?' [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'Will the death of the JCPOA lead to a nuclear-armed Iran?'. [ Full text ]

The Lowy issued 'Deng's pragmatism is China's poison pill'. [ Full text ]

The Lowy issued 'In Democratic debate, big distinctions but little difference'. [ Full text ]

The Lowy issued 'At the UN, paying dues and having a say'. [ Full text ]

DCA issued the nomination panel's final list of recommendations for appointment to the ABC Board in three rounds. [ Full text ]

DCA issued the final report of the pilot of the International Age Rating Coalition Classification Tool. [ Full text ]

Other media give you news stories, Canberra IQ gives you links to the sources of those stories. [ Full text ]

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