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The PM and Victorian Premier said an additional 1000 ADF personnel will join Victoria's coronavirus response. [ Full text ]

Ministers Reynolds and Andrews issued information on developing an Australian owned and controlled military satellite constellation. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Conroy said the Future Frigates program has been added to the list of projects facing significant risks to schedule, capability and budget. [ Full text ]

The Lowy issued 'A high-risk, low-reward defence posture'. [ Full text ]

ASPI issued a five-domains update [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'Different forces drive views of China in the US and Australia'. [ Full text ]

The FSC issued its submission to Treasury on foreign investment reforms. [ Full text ]

Minister Sukkar was interviewed on ABC24. [ Full text ]

Greens Senator Steele-John called for people on the Disability Support Pension and Carer Payment to receive extra support. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister O'Connor said ABS data show around 600,000 payroll jobs have been lost since the virus outbreak. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Collins said the Government must assure Australians that everything is being done to keep aged care residents and staff safe. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Catherine King said the Government will need to deliver more support to the aviation sector. [ Full text ]

DHACS issued information on seeking medical advice about having a test for COVID-19. [ Full text ]

The Mental Health Commission encouraged Australians to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic. [ Full text ]

APRA issued an update on the temporary early release of super scheme. [ Full text ]

Croplife welcomed the NFF plan to boost the economy (see Second Edition). [ Full text ]

The CEC said renewable energy could power economic recovery. [ Full text ]

The Lowy issued 'Putting study abroad on ice carries a diplomatic cost'. [ Full text ]

Minister McCormack discussed Rockhampton road projects, Rookwood Weir, coronavirus management/tourism on 4RO. [ Full text ]

Minister McCormack discussed Rockhampton road projects, coronavirus management and ABC funding on ABC Capricornia. [ Full text ]

Minister Andrews discussed CRC Project grants, the Kerr Palace letters and coronavirus management at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

Anthony Albanese and Shadow Minister Thistlethwaite discussed the Kerr Palace letters, coronavirus management/social services/app/ADF at a press conference. [ Full text ]

Shadow AG Dreyfus and Mr Thistlethwaite welcomed the release of the Kerr Palace letters. [ Full text ]

Mr Thistlethwaite discussed the Kerr Palace letters and republic policy on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Keneally discussed cybersecurity, Parliament/gender and coronavirus management on Sky. [ Full text ]

Minister Andrews announced $25m for 10 CRC Project grants. [ Full text ]

The Bushfires and Natural Hazards CRC issued a Seasonal Bushfire Outlook. [ Full text ]

Minister Littleproud issued a commentary on that report. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan said the Government has invested more than $1b since 2016 to improve higher education opportunities for regional and remote Australia. [ Full text ]

Minister Marino said an artificial insemination and embryo transfer project is underway on Norfolk Island. [ Full text ]

Minister Cash issued information on a virtual Jobs Fair in Perth today. [ Full text ]

Minister Wyatt welcomed the opening of Yilli Rreung Housing Aboriginal Corporation's refurbished Darwin office. [ Full text ]

Minister Wyatt welcomed the opening of a new health clinic in Humpty Doo. [ Full text ]

SA issued 'Changes that might affect your Centrelink payments'. [ Full text ]

Minister Tudge discussed asylum-seekers detained onshore on 4BC. [ Full text ]

Minister Colbeck said a Tasmanian facility sets a new precedent for high-quality care for senior Australians living with dementia. [ Full text ]

DHACS updated its collection of guides and forms for providers of aged care services. [ Full text ]

Greens Senator Hanson-Young issued a commentary on the GBR Foundation's 2020-21 work program (see Third Edition). [ Full text ]

AIMS said significant coral bleaching has occurred on one of WA's healthiest reefs. [ Full text ]

DAWE invited submissions on EPBC listing of the Plains Mallee Box Woodland of the Murray Darling Depression and Riverina Bioregions. [ Full text ]

APPEA said green tape reform is the top priority for its members. [ Full text ]

DHACS updated a fact sheet on the Modified Monash Model that categorises areas across seven remoteness categories. [ Full text ]

The AMA issued its submission to DHACS on amendments to the GP Training Draft Outcomes Framework. [ Full text ]

TGA updated its database of laboratory testing results. [ Full text ]

BITRE issued its June road deaths data. [ Full text ]

SME Ombudsman Carnell said investment in regtech would cut red tape for SMEs. [ Full text ]

The ACNC said all members of its advisory board have been reappointed. [ Full text ]

'Your summaries are pithy and succinct...carefully written against tight deadlines' - a recent trialster. [ Full text ]

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