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The PM issued a coronavirus update. [ Full text ]

Minister Birmingham discussed coronavirus/agriculture and fishery exports/finance/JobKeeper/

China/border security/cruise ships/internet/social services/Virgin/rentals on ABC Adelaide. [ Full text ]

Minister Taylor and Shadow Minister Fitzgibbon discussed coronavirus/stimulus/JobKeeper/workplace relations/rentals/agriculture/backpackers distancing on 2GB. [ Full text ]

Anthony Albanese and Shadow Minister Clare discussed coronavirus/rentals/economy/cruise ships/MPs wages/aviation/childcare/Parliament at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Leigh discussed coronavirus/aviation/US/employment/stimulus/Budget on Sky. [ Full text ]

DHACS issued 'New and cumulative COVID-19 cases in Australia by notification date'. [ Full text ]

DHACS issued 'COVID-19 cases acquired overseas - by region or country acquired'. [ Full text ]

DHACS issued 'COVID-19 cases in Australia by state and source of transmission'. [ Full text ]

DHACS is updating its coronavirus resources. [ Full text ]

DHACS is updating coronavirus resources for health professionals, aged care providers, pathology providers and healthcare managers. [ Full text ]

DHACS is updating its coronavirus: National Health Plan resources. [ Full text ]

Hawker Britton issued a brief on an ACT stimulus package. [ Full text ]

Minister Cormann made $800m available for the response to the COVID-19 pandemic by using the Advance to the Finance Minister. [ Full text ]

Minister Robert announced a pause on debt raising and recovery through Services Australia. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan was interviewed on Sunrise. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan was interviewed on ABC Melbourne. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan was interviewed on 3AW. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan was interviewed on 7.30. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan was interviewed on 2GB. [ Full text ]

Minister Tehan discussed childcare/education and research policy on Sky. [ Full text ]

The AEU issued a commentary on the childcare support package. [ Full text ]

Catholic Education welcomed the commitment to 2021 childcare funding (see First Edition). [ Full text ]

The IEU welcomed NSW and ACT Catholic schools implementing staff development next week. [ Full text ]

Ministers Cash and Irons said a $1.3b Supporting Apprentices and Trainees package will help businesses retain apprentices and trainees. [ Full text ]

A meeting of the COAG Skills Council issued a communique. [ Full text ]

Ministers Cash and irons said a sub-committee of the Industry and Skills Committee will drive development of training packages during the COVID-19 crisis. [ Full text ]

Minister Payne discussed coronavirus/cruise ships/Australians overseas on ABC24. [ Full text ]

Minister Payne discussed those topics on Sunrise. [ Full text ]

Minister Hawke discussed coronavirus/Pacific/aid/China/Budget on Pacific Beat. [ Full text ]

The Lowy issued 'Covid-19: Averting economic disaster in the Pacific'. [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'Keeping our commitments to our Pacific island family in the shadow of Covid-19'. [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'China and America are failing the pandemic test'. [ Full text ]

Mr Albanese and Mr Clare said some real estate agents are bullying tenants by demanding they pay rent in advance and demanding they draw down on their retirement savings. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Jones said estate agents should stop asking tenants to draw down their super. [ Full text ]

The ACTU said ASIC has supported its calls to stop real estate agents advising tenants to withdraw money from their super (see Second Edition). [ Full text ]

ASIC issued an update on its priorities and operations. [ Full text ]

IBA and the NIAA announced support for Indigenous businesses impacted by Covid-19. [ Full text ]

DISER issued a call for manufacturers to supply COVID-19 test kit components [ Full text ]

The IHPA issued 'Rules for coding and reporting COVID-19 episodes of care'. [ Full text ]

The TGA issued notice of an amendment to the Poisons Standard regarding Hydroxychloroquine. [ Full text ]

The ACNC issued a Commissioner's column. [ Full text ]

The Australian academies launched a searchable database of experts on COVID-19. [ Full text ]

AFDO issued a letter to National Cabinet. [ Full text ]

The Australia Council announced $31.7m for 144 organisations through the revised Four Year Funding for Organisations program. [ Full text ]

NBNCo issued Australian Broadband Data Demand, a new weekly report. [ Full text ]

The eSafety Commission issued resources to help frontline workers support victims of domestic and family violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. [ Full text ]

AMMA said suspending industrial awards and enterprise agreements for up to six months would save more businesses and jobs. [ Full text ]

Treasurer Frydenberg said he has accepted the recommendations of the Commonwealth Grants Commission on GST revenue sharing relativities for 2020-21. [ Full text ]

Ministers Wood announced a tightening border controls on importing equipment for drug production. [ Full text ]

The ASCQHC issued a newsletter. [ Full text ]

A new edition of the Australia Health review is online. [ Full text ]

Save Our Schools said a study found that increased expenditure on schools in low-spending school districts led to significant improvements in student achievement. [ Full text ]

The GG announced 83 recipients of Australian Bravery Awards. [ Full text ]

AgriFutures issued bee management information for drought and fire affected areas. [ Full text ]

MLA issued 'MLA Strategic Plan 2025: The sheep perspective'. [ Full text ]

The MDBA issued a weekly report. [ Full text ]

The FCAI issued its March new vehicle sales data. [ Full text ]

Apologies for the late delivery of today's Second Edition, seems the website decided to self isolate - Editor [ Full text ]

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