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The PM and Minister McCormack committed up to $100m for a Brisbane overpass project. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Albanese welcomed the Government matching Labor's commitment to that project. [Full Text]

Austrade issued a presentation: 'Opportunities for the Australian Rail Industry in India'. [Full Text]

The PM and Minister Andrews announced $5m over three years to combat white spot virus. [Full Text]

AFMA issued information from a climate change adaptation workshop. [Full Text]

Minister Littleproud issued a statement on the Murray-Darling Ministerial Council meeting (a communique from that meeting was not available at time of sending this bulletin). [Full Text]

Greens Senator Hanson-Young called for that meeting to deliver 450GL to SA. [Full Text]

The NFF reminded Ministers of the importance of a holistic approach to upwater measures. [Full Text]

The MDBA issued a weekly report. [Full Text]

Minister Littleproud said Labor's draft policy would allow greater foreign ownership of farms and limit vegetation management. [Full Text]

Hort Innovation said avocados are the latest premium fresh fruit product to be exported to Japan. [Full Text]

DAWR issued the final risk analysis for the proposed release of a fungus to control wandering trad weed. [Full Text]

Greens Senator McKim said federal and state governments must take action to save Tasmania's east coast reefs. [Full Text]

Ministers Cormann and Taylor issued a new Investment Mandate for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews announced two $500k Incubator Support grants to Deakin U's ManuFutures of Geelong and The Energy Laboratory in Sydney. [Full Text]

ARENA announced $1m to Ausgrid's grant program for rooftop solar and energy efficient lighting. [Full Text]

The AER issued a report of an investigation into SA's 2016 state-wide blackout. [Full Text]

The AER issued new cost-benefit guidance for network investment. [Full Text]

AEMO invited comment on a draft report on the preferred option to increase the thermal capability of the Western Victorian transmission network. [Full Text]

AEMO and ENA issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

The AER issued its annual report. [Full Text]

The CEC and Monash U announced the inaugural recipients of a Women in Renewables scholarship. [Full Text]

Ministers Tehan and Andrews announced $1.65m to expand the Curious Minds program. [Full Text]

ASQA issued 'General direction: Resourcing requirements-for applicants seeking initial registration or change to scope of registration'. [Full Text]

DTA said 120 digital apprentices have completed their programs. [Full Text]

Minister O'Dwyer announced the appointment of Jill Jepson and Matthew Kelleher as ABCC Deputy Commissioners. [Full Text]

Minister McKenzie said USyd will develop a Rural Medical School Program in Dubbo as part of the Murray-Darling Medical Schools Network. [Full Text]

The AMA issued 'Guidelines on Doctors' Relationships with Industry'. [Full Text]

The TGA announced proceedings against Peptide Clinics for alleged advertising code breaches. [Full Text]

BITRE issued its November road deaths data. [Full Text]

Minister Payne issued a statement on her visit to Myanmar. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Australia jostles over its Iran policy'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Collective Rage: Gilets Jaunes in France and elsewhere'. [Full Text]

Minister Fawcett said Defence has acquired land for the Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Coastguard academy would boost maritime security for Australia and the region'. [Full Text]

Minister Robert invited comment on draft Petroleum Resource Rent Tax legislation. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Mark Butler said new data confirms Australian carbon emissions are the highest on record. [Full Text]

The TAI issued 'Fossil Fuel Free Zones'. [Full Text]

The UNFCCC meeting is online. [Full Text]

The IGCC announced a new chair and deputy chair. [Full Text]

Shadow AG Dreyfus discussed anti-corruption and education/religion/justice policy on RNGENERAL [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Plibersek and others discussed a planned Indigenous college at UTS, school funding and anti-corruption policy, political issues and the cashless welfare card at a doorstop. [Full Text]

LDP Senator Leyonhjelm called for AGs to release a report reviewing suppression orders. [Full Text]

Independent MP McGowan welcomed the government's proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission. [Full Text]

Shadow frontbenchers Bowen and Chalmers said the Liberals will be relying on an increased tax take rather than spending restraint for any improvements in the mid-year Budget update. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Rowland said communications policy is on a road to nowhere. [Full Text]

The BCA said businesses are paying more tax than ever (see yesterday's Third Edition). [Full Text]

The ACTU said 722 large companies paid no tax in 2016-17. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister O'Connor said Labor would stop unfair termination of enterprise agreements [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Terri Butler said an employment services report demonstrates that an extensive overhaul is needed (see Second Edition). [Full Text]

The ACCI welcomed that report. [Full Text]

The BCA said that report makes welcome proposals. [Full Text]

The SME Ombudsman welcomed that report. [Full Text]

Universities Australia said Government investment in R&D is projected to plunge next year to its lowest level as a share of our economy in four decades. [Full Text]

STA urged the government to outline a plan to boost public investment in R&D. [Full Text]

The Academy of Science announced its inaugural Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scientist Travelling Research Award recipients. [Full Text]

AUSTRAC issued 'Industry Specific Guidance: Superannuation sector'. [Full Text]

IP Australia issued Patent Analytics report on Blockchain Innovation. [Full Text]

DCA issued 'Changes to Australian copyright law'. [Full Text]

The ADC issued information on resealable can ends. [Full Text]

'This service saves me so much time and I am constantly ahead of the game' - a foundation subscriber. [Full Text]

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