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The PM and Minister Ruston are visiting Vanuatu and Fiji. [Full Text]

The PM and his Vanuatu counterpart issued a statement. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Pacific links: "You're my best friend"'. [Full Text]

Minister Hunt discussed mental health, vaccination and Australia Day/citizenship policy. [Full Text]

Minister Hunt and others discussed mental health and foreign fighter Prakash/Fiji policy at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Minister Birmingham discussed Brexit/trade and China/Canada on AM. [Full Text]

Bill Shorten discussed Brexit, Australia Day/citizenship and super policy and political issues on Today. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Bowen discussed economic, super and Pacific policy and political issues at a media stop. [Full Text]

The OECD issued 'Corporate Tax Statistics'. [Full Text]

Treasurer Frydenberg issued a commentary on that report. [Full Text]

The BCA said that report shows Australia is falling behind in the battle to attract the investment. [Full Text]

Minister Robert marked the beginning of the second year of Country by Country reporting. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Leigh said minister Robert was wrong to say Labor voted against the Coalition's Multinational Anti-Avoidance Law. [Full Text]

Minister Hunt announced $1.45b over three years for mental health services to be provided by Primary Health Networks. [Full Text]

Minister Payne announced $4.5m for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. [Full Text]

The NHMRC invited applications for EU Joint Program on Neurodegenerative Disease Research grants. [Full Text]

The NHMRC invited applications for the NHMRC e-ASIA Joint Research Project Program Grants. [Full Text]

The NHMRC issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

Minister Wyatt launched the Aboriginal Health TV network. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister King committed $21m to a Monash-Peninsula Health Futures Hub. [Full Text]

Ms King discussed that project and mental health policy at a doorstop. [Full Text]

The AMA president discussed measles and vaccination policy on 2GB. [Full Text]

The TGA issued 'A warning to consumers about the serious health risks relating to e-cigarette liquid'. [Full Text]

The Medical Board said the Queensland tribunal found the behaviour of an orthopaedic surgeon, amounted to unsatisfactory professional conduct. [Full Text]

Medicines Australia issued its Budget submission. [Full Text]

The TGA issued 'TGA vs Industry time for GMP clearance applications'. [Full Text]

The TGA issued 'Process validation for listed and complementary medicines'. [Full Text]

The TGA issued 'Ongoing stability testing for listed and complementary medicines'. [Full Text]

The TGA issued 'Product Quality Reviews for listed and complementary medicines'. [Full Text]

The CHF issued its Budget submission. [Full Text]

Minister Pyne issued information from his visit to Iraq and the UAE. [Full Text]

Minister Pyne is visiting Lebanon. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Improving maritime security in the Asia-Pacific'. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Agonising over Afghanistan'. [Full Text]

Minister Chester said ADF members and their families will be welcomed to new postings at a series of Welcome events. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Brexit barneys and three big questions'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Aid mergers: no unscrambling the egg'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'A China chip on New Zealand's shoulder?'. [Full Text]

The ANAO issued a performance audit: 'Award of a $443.3 Million Grant to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation'. [Full Text]

Minister Price said that report confirms the partnership with the Reef Foundation was based on comprehensive policy development and detailed advice. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Burke said that report comes back to a single word - Fail. [Full Text]

Minister Colbeck said a Queensland has been fined $12,600 for non-compliance with illegal logging laws. [Full Text]

The MDBA issued information from a meeting of river managers, environmental water holders and fisheries scientists from Murray-Darling Basin governments. [Full Text]

Minister Littleproud said Korea is the first country to allow exports from Northern Tasmania following the outbreak of Queensland Fruit Fly last year. [Full Text]

LiveCorp issued its December report. [Full Text]

AUSVEG issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

Minister Tehan announced $10m for six National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy grants. [Full Text]

DET issued the 2015-16 and 2016-17 report of the National Research Infrastructure Census. [Full Text]

Minister Tehan said students from WA and SA are attending a digital technology summer school at UWA. [Full Text]

ACER issued 'NAP sample assessment ICT literacy: years 6 and 10'. [Full Text]

Minister Keenan said 121 digital apprentices, cadets and graduates joined the APS today. [Full Text]

The Council of Deans said universities do not agree with an over-emphasis on ATAR levels of teaching students. [Full Text]

Minister Fletcher announced $1.45m for a western Sydney program to boost Indigenous youth employment through culture. [Full Text]

Minister Cormann issued a statement on citizenship ceremonies. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Di Natale said councils punished for refusing to host citizenship ceremonies on 26/1 can count on a Greens MP or Senator to conduct them in their stead. [Full Text]

Minister Taylor announced completion of a grid-scale battery on SA's Yorke Peninsula. [Full Text]

ARENA issued information on that project. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Butler said 2019 futures prices represent an increase of 76% in NSW, 65% in SA, 37% in QLD and 101% in VIC compared to when Labor left government. [Full Text]

The ENA issued 'Heatwaves and energy supply'. [Full Text]

Treasurer Frydenberg said Labor's retiree tax has been labelled as "promoting bad policy through fake news" by a former OECD director. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Bowen said the PM rebuked Minister O'Dwyer for endorsing the Future Fund as a government monopoly default fund. [Full Text]

The NDIS said the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission will roll out across Vic, Qld, Tas, ACT and NT from July. [Full Text]

The Parliamentary Library issued 'Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide'. [Full Text]

The ADC issued information on pallet racking, reinforcing bar and aluminium extrusions. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Building Approvals, Australia, Nov 2018'. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Building Activity, Australia, Sep 2018'. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Engineering Construction Activity, Australia, Sep 2018'. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Construction Activity: Chain Volume Measures, Australia, Sep 2018'. [Full Text]

'I like the way I can always find economic news at the end of each Bulletin, like sport in newspapers' - subscriber feedback. [Full Text]

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