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Minister McCormack discussed NT roads, water/dams/environment, infrastructure, energy, climate and regional tax policy at a Darwin doorstop. [Full Text]

Minister Tudge discussed population policy and Melbourne's East-West Link project at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Terri Butler discussed Minister Taylor/conflict of interest, drought, Murray-Darling and space policy at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Keogh discussed infrastructure, space, drought policy and SAS/Afghanistan/justice on Sky. [Full Text]

The Churchill Trust announced 115 2019 Fellows. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews discussed Australia/NASA on 5AA. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews was interviewed on RN. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews was interviewed on Sky. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews discussed Australia/NASA and rare earths policy on AM. [Full Text]

DIIS issued 'Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative: gap analysis'. [Full Text]

CA Senator Patrick said the Chief Scientist's audit of NOPSEMA is an accurate examination of the wrong issue (see Friday's Third Edition). [Full Text]

The ACF said FoI documents reveal the lengths the Government is going to spruik coal across the world. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews discussed Australia/NASA and climate policy on ABC Gold Coast. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Di Natale said by skipping the UN Climate Summit to attend the opening of a box factory the PM is showing how out of touch he is with Australians demanding action on climate change. [Full Text]

The WMO issued a report for the UN Climate Summit. [Full Text]

An IPCC meeting is considering 'Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate'. [Full Text]

Barton Deakin issued a brief on the US space co-operation agreement. [Full Text]

CSIRO welcomed that agreement. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Morrison's UNGA games: Trump, China and the future of global cooperation'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Solomons and Kiribati snub Taiwan for China - does it matter?'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Remembering Timor - a soldier's view'. [Full Text]

DST said it will be showcasing its support for maritime activities at the PACIFIC 2019 expo. [Full Text]

Minister McKenzie invited comment on modernising the R&D corporation system. [Full Text]

The Technology & Engineering Academy issued 'Agriculture in a challenging climate' (audio). [Full Text]

The panel conducting the Assessment of Social and Economic Conditions in the Murray-Darling Basin issued its final terms of reference. [Full Text]

Minister Tehan met with VCs and industry leaders to discuss how universities could better produce job ready graduates. [Full Text]

ACER issued 'Parent-focused interventions in economically developing countries'. [Full Text]

ACER issued 'Income supplementation interventions in economically developing countries'. [Full Text]

ACER issued 'Measurement of young children's learning for program evaluation'. [Full Text]

ACER issued 'Effective child-focused education and nurturing care interventions'. [Full Text]

ACER issued 'Gender Differences in Computer and Information Literacy: An In-depth Analysis of Data from ICILS'. [Full Text]

The NCSEHE issued 'Career construction, future work and the perceived risks of going to university for young people from low SES backgrounds'. [Full Text]

The LTR issued 'Partnering with alumni for student and graduate success: final report'. [Full Text]

Minister Littleproud and the SA Minister announced $1.7m for Natural Disaster Resilience and Prepared Communities Fund grants. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Burney said the indexed Newstart increase was less than 24c a day. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Watt discussed the NAIF on Mix Darwin. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Giles said a survey found 82% of Asian-Australians, 81% of Australians of Middle Eastern background and 71% of Indigenous Australians have experienced discrimination. [Full Text]

The AMA president discussed 'The changing primary care landscape' in a speech. [Full Text]

The NHMRC issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

The ANAO issued a performance audit: 'National Ice Action Strategy Rollout'. [Full Text]

ASIC issued 'ASIC regulation of corporate finance: January to June 2019'. [Full Text]

The ACCC said a Federal Court decision on an appeal by Ultra Tune confirms franchisor obligations. [Full Text]

The NDIA said entities which have been subject of media reporting in relation to alleged fraud and forger are not eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation funding. [Full Text]

The ABCC said the Federal Court has imposed penalties of $108K against the CFMMEU and Harris HMC Interiors for attempting to coerce a subcontractor to make an enterprise agreement with the CFMMEU at a Melbourne project. [Full Text]

AiGroup issued a submission to the review of the Clerks Private Sector Award. [Full Text]

AiGroup issued a submission to 28 reviews of other awards. [Full Text]

CHASS announced the longlist for its 2019 Australia Prize for a Book. [Full Text]

CEDA issued information from a presentation by Deloitte Partner Richardson. [Full Text]

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