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Minister Hunt and CMO Murphy discussed coronavirus management at a press conference. [ Full text ]

The NHMRC launched a new grant management solution. [ Full text ]

The TGA issued a prescription medicine decision summary for Enoxapo. [ Full text ]

Minister Littleproud and the Queensland Minister announced $12.5m to 12 councils to rebuild roads and infrastructure affected by floods. [ Full text ]

Minister Littleproud invited nominations for the 2020 Resilient Australia Awards. [ Full text ]

Ministers Pitt and Landry welcomed the RAAF Tindal upgrade. [ Full text ]

Minister Chester addressed the dedication of a Military Working Dog memorial at the War Memorial. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Conroy said Defence's Q3 2019 Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group Performance Report reveals further blowouts to critical projects. [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'How many jobs is Australia getting through the F-35 global supply chain?' [ Full text ]

The Lowy issued 'Japan: Article 9 conundrum rears its head again'. [ Full text ]

The Pacific Island Forum welcomed US$1m from Taiwan. [ Full text ]

ASPI issued 'Trouble at the World Bank'. [ Full text ]

Minister Hume welcomed passage of the Treasury Laws Amendment (Recovering Unpaid Superannuation) Bill 2019. [ Full text ]

Industry Super said that Bill does little to fix unpaid super scandal or give workers the right to pursue bosses that have ripped them off. [ Full text ]

The ACTU said that Bill waives penalties for employers who have stolen super from workers. [ Full text ]

Anthony Albanese and Shadows Burney and Collins called for a summit on violence against women and children. [ Full text ]

CA Senator Patrick foreshadowed a motion to establish a Senate inquiry to pressure all levels of government to commit greater resources to prevent violence against women and their children. [ Full text ]

Shadow Treasurer Chalmers discussed coronavirus/tourism, regional, climate and Barrier Reef policy on ABC Far North Queensland. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Catherine King discussed the Urban Congestion Fund and climate policy on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Leigh discussed economic and climate policy on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Fitzgibbon discussed coal/climate policy on Sky. [ Full text ]

Greens MP Bandt introduced the Liability for Climate Change Damage (Make the Polluters Pay) Bill 2020. [ Full text ]

Greens Senator Waters introduced a Bill to ban thermal coal mines in the Galilee Basin. [ Full text ]

Greens Senator Hanson-Young said her Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment (Climate Trigger) Bill 2020 will be the subject of a Senate inquiry. [ Full text ]

The ACF issued a commentary on the Q3 2019 emissions inventory (see Second Edition). [ Full text ]

The Climate Council issued a commentary on that report. [ Full text ]

The CEFC issued 'Clean energy and infrastructure: The pathway to airport sustainability'. [ Full text ]

Engineers Australia will host an Engineering Responses to Climate Change Roundtable in Sydney on Wednesday. [ Full text ]

ACOSS said an ESB report found that energy affordability is a critical issue for vulnerable customers and the future outlook is worse than in 2018 (see Second Edition). [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Leigh discussed innovation theory on ABC Science Show. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Giles said the Hobart City deal is stuck in the slow lane because of the Government's incompetence. [ Full text ]

Save Our Schools said a call by former PM&C Secretary Parkinson for the Government to hand over responsibility for school funding to the States would have disastrous consequences. [ Full text ]

DESE invited comment on draft amendments to Part B of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 legislative instrument. [ Full text ]

The NCSEHE issued a progress report from a research project on supporting the mental wellbeing of mature-aged students from regional and remote Australia [ Full text ]

TAFE Directors issued a newsletter. [ Full text ]

DAWE invited submissions to a review of the 2019-20 Brown marmorated stink bug season. [ Full text ]

Croplife issued its submission to a Senate committee inquiry into the Government's response to the drought. [ Full text ]

Standards Australia invited comment on a draft standard: 'Design of livestock loading/unloading ramps and forcing yards'. [ Full text ]

The SME Ombudsman urged SMEs in the grain industry to take steps to future-proof their operations. [ Full text ]

AgriFutures issued 'Provenance Storytelling Guidebook'. [ Full text ]

The ACCC said reports by SMEs of false and misleading conduct by other businesses increased by 8% in the six months to December. [ Full text ]

The OAIC issued guidelines for business on how to safeguard consumers' privacy under the Consumer Data Right. [ Full text ]

The ACCC issued its 2018-19 Aviation Monitoring Report. [ Full text ]

ASIC invited comment on proposals to grant conditional relief for voluntary escrow arrangements and pre-prospectus communications in connection with IPOs. [ Full text ]

The DTA issued its response to feedback to its Cloud Marketplace RFI Discussion Paper. [ Full text ]

PM&C issued a list of 2019 contracts. [ Full text ]

ACSA issued a response to a submission by Senior Counsel to the Aged Care RC (see Weekend Wrap). [ Full text ]

'One of the reasons I rely on CIQ is I do not read newspapers or watch television news (except Insiders). You keep my point of view untainted by the media!' - subscriber testimonial. [ Full text ]

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