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The PM addressed the Liberal Federal Council. [Full Text]

The PM addressed the Liberals' 75th anniversary dinner. [Full Text]

The PM discussed the Liberals'75th anniversary and his visit to Indonesia at a mediastop. [Full Text]

AG Porter discussed media/justice, religion/justice, foreign fighters' families, cannabis/justice and horse cruelty on Insiders. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews addressed the Liberal Federal Council. [Full Text]

Anthony Albanese discussed drought, media/justice, Indonesia FTA policy and political issues at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Mark Butler discussed climate, energy and trade policy and political issues at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Rishworth and Liberal MP Falinski discussed indigenous and drought policy on ABC24. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Leigh has discussed economic, Budget, infrastructure and climate policy on 2CC. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Gallagher discussed economic, Budget, drought/social services, Indonesia FTA and political issues on Sky. [Full Text]

The PM is attending the inauguration on Indonesian president Widodo. [Full Text]

Ministers Fletcher and Birmingham and the Victorian Premier announced $30m to Dick Cook Studios for two films to be shot in Australia. [Full Text]

Minister Hunt foreshadowed PBS listing of Cystic fibrosis medicines at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Bowen said Minister Hunt was dragged kicking and screaming to make that PBS listing. [Full Text]

The RACGP announced the resignation of CEO Burgess. [Full Text]

Minister Andrews is visiting the US. [Full Text]

Minister Ley welcomed a four year prison sentence for an animal smuggler. [Full Text]

Minister Ley announced $65k to the Australian Rivers Institute at Griffith U to assess the spread of Tilapia fish in northern Australia. [Full Text]

Minister Littleproud said the Queensland Government is wasting more than $1m on PR when farmers are struggling. [Full Text]

AgriFutures announced $1.6 m to SCU for a tea tree breeding program. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Madeleine King and Keogh said more than $1b worth of shovel ready infrastructure projects are on hold in WA awaiting Federal Government action. [Full Text]

CA Senator Patrick called on the Inspector-General of Taxation and the Government to remedy the act of cutting a whistleblower loose. [Full Text]

Agriculture issued a statement on a media report on mistreatment of horses. [Full Text]

Defence said an ADF/Victoria Police in the La Trobe Valley tested arrangements for responding to domestic security incidents. [Full Text]

'An impressive and useful source of information- - trialster feedback. [Full Text]

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