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Minister Littleproud said comparing farm invasions to the passive resistance championed by Martin Luther King Jr is ridiculous. [Full Text]

Hort Innovation said horticulture leads Australian agriculture in value and efficiency. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Bowen discussed the election, super/tax, Adani and tax policy and the Labor leadership on ABC24. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Wong discussed the election, Labor leadership, economic policy and US/China at a doorstop. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Fitzgibbon pledged to support Shadow Minister Albanese as Labor leader. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Collins discussed Labor leadership and the election on ABC Tasmania. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Leigh discussed the election and tax and economic policy on 2GB. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Jones and Liberal MP Wilson discussed tax, super/tax, and negative gearing policy, the election and Labor leadership on ABC24. [Full Text]

The Grattan issued 'Policy priorities for the returned Morrison government'. [Full Text]

The AEC is updating vote counts. [Full Text]

Greens Senator Hanson-Young said the PM must dump Minister Price. [Full Text]

Adani issued a statement on the Queensland approval process. [Full Text]

The ABF said an Indonesian fisher pleaded guilty to two charges in a Darwin court. [Full Text]

ARPANSA said pilots are not at higher risk of melanoma than other Australians. [Full Text]

Private Health Oz said APRA statistics confirm that the Government's policy levers for PHI are delivering for consumers (see yesterday's Second Edition). [Full Text]

The PBS issued an outcome statement from a December meeting of Severe Asthma Stakeholders. [Full Text]

The ABF issued 'Understanding the Food Control Certificate'. [Full Text]

Standards Oz issued a revised standard for drug testing in saliva. [Full Text]

Home Affairs issued information on the Working Holiday Maker program. [Full Text]

The Chief Scientist has discussed 'What manufacturing can teach AI' in a speech. [Full Text]

The CRCA issued a newsletter. [Full Text]

The TIO issued its submission to CommsAlliance on proposed revisions to the Mobile Premium Services Code. [Full Text]

NBNCo issued a weekly progress report. [Full Text]

The Grattan issued 'Why super could be part of the fallout from Election 2019'. [Full Text]

AFCA is recruiting for a number of senior roles. [Full Text]

ASIC issued documents relating to the settlement agreement and Enforceable Undertaking entered into with ANZ in relation to the Bank Bill Swap Reference Rate. [Full Text]

The LTR issued 'Engaging and partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and caregivers : final report'. [Full Text]

PM&C announced the appointment of Sally Pitkin as chair and Mark Kenny as a member of the nomination panel for ABC and SBS board appointments. [Full Text]

The ANAO issued a performance audit: 'The Bureau of Meteorology's Delivery of Extreme Weather Services'. [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'As India tallies votes, Modi might win government but not the country'. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Cool heads must prevail in Washington to avert war with Iran'. [Full Text]

ASPI issued 'Will there be one ASEAN voice on cyber?' [Full Text]

The Lowy issued 'Pacific links: surely not another MPs citizenship saga ..., more'. [Full Text]

'The evenhandedness of the reporting is welcome relief from mainstream media partisanship; they miss or ignore many of the issues and events you report' - an Education & Research trialster. [Full Text]

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