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Minister Ruston discussed alleged sexual assaults/AG Porter/Minister Reynolds on Sky. [ Full text ]

Minister Reynolds has issued a statement regarding reported comments regarding former staffer Higgins. [ Full text ]

Minister Birmingham has discussed coronavirus/vaccines and alleged sexual assaults/AG Porter/Minister Reynolds on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow AG Dreyfus has discussed alleged sexual assaults/AG Porter/Shadow Minister Shorten on The World Today. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Rishworth and Liberal MP Simmonds discussed alleged sexual assaults/Parliament on ABC24. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Gallagher discussed alleged sexual assaults/Parliament at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

Greens Senator Waters has issued a commentary on the review of Parliamentary workplace culture. [ Full text ]

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Jenkins discussed alleged sexual assaults/Parliament/review on Insiders. [ Full text ]

Minister Reynolds said she will extend her medical leave to 2/4. [ Full text ]

Minister Taylor and Labor MP Fitzgibbon have discussed alleged sexual assaults/Parliament, energy/climate and alcohol/tax policy on 2GB. [ Full text ]

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