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Minister Robert discussed skills, teacher strike, LNP MP Christensen, Olympics/boycott, Berejiklian/Warringah, corona management/Queensland and wages at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

Minister Littleproud discussed Mr Christensen, Berejiklian/Warringah, and Olympics/boycott at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Plibersek discussed education/VET and climate policy on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Marles discussed VET policy and political issues on 4CA. [ Full text ]

Mr Marles discussed those topics and climate policy on 2CC. [ Full text ]

Shadow Treasurer Chalmers discussed economy/Budget, corona/Queensland and political issues on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Gallagher discussed Mr Christensen, Berejiklian/Warringah, Olympics/boycott, corona/children, OECD/tax and JobKeeper at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

Universities Australia welcomed the report from the University-Industry Collaboration in Teaching and Learning Review (see Second Edition) [ Full text ]

AiGroup welcomed that report. [ Full text ]

The BCA welc0omed that report. [ Full text ]

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