Minister Dutton discussed coronavirus/NSW/ADF/vaccines/tourism at a doorstop. [ Full text ]

Minister Birmingham discussed coronavirus/NSW/social services/economy/Queensland/testing on Sky. [ Full text ]

Minister Morton issued an oped on coronavirus management. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Burke discussed coronavirus/Sydney/ADF/doctor charges/Parliament on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Plibersek and Liberal Senator Fierravanti-Wells discussed coronavirus/Sydney/social services/vaccines on Sky. [ Full text ]

Shadow Minister Terri Butler said the Government must explain why the GBR Foundation has reportedly been receiving JobKeeper. [ Full text ]

Greens Senator Siewert said income support recipients continue to be an afterthought. [ Full text ]

The ACTU said Centrelink workers are dealing with occupational health and safety issues as they work to administer Disaster Payments. [ Full text ]

The AMA called for stricter lockdown measures and a vaccination push in Sydney. [ Full text ]

The Grattan issued 'Race to 80: how we mapped Australia's path out of the COVID crisis'. [ Full text ]

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