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Thursday, 22 February 2024

The PM discussed floods/Queensland, marriage, Brisbane 2032, inflation, immigration, supermarket regulation, NRL, Swift and election on ABC Brisbane.[Full Text]
Minister Burke discussed working from home, right to disconnect and wages on Sky.[Full Text]
Minister Leigh discussed supermarket and grocery regulation, merger policy, ANZ/Suncorp and non-compete clauses on RN.[Full Text]
Peter Dutton discussed fuel efficiency, inflation, work from home, Gaza visas, border security, Indigenous recognition and tax at a doorstop.[Full Text]
Shadow Minister Ruston discussed aged care/sustainability/workforce, and SA grape growers/prices on ABC Riverland.[Full Text]
Ministers Marles, Madeleine King and Conroy and the WA Minister discussed Navy fleet/shipbuilding and missiles at a press conference.[Full Text]
Minister Thistlethwaite addressed the launch of a UNSW Nuclear Innovation Centre.[Full Text]
Minister Thistlethwaite addressed the dedication of a sculpture at the War Memorial recognising those who suffered as a result of their service.[Full Text]
The Lowy issued 'Words as weapons in the war of ideas'.[Full Text]
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