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Friday, 17 May 2024

The PM and Minister Catherine King announced $750m for a Melbourne road project.[Full Text]
The PM and Minister Catherine King discussed Melbourne road project, immigration, education, health, nuclear energy and uni protests at a doorstop.[Full Text]
Treasurer Chalmers and Minister Plibersek discussed Budget/economy, industry, an SA desalination project and Budget Reply at a Port Augusta doorstop.[Full Text]
Treasurer Chalmers discussed Budget/economy, JobSeeker and energy subsidy in a Guardian interview.[Full Text]
Ministers Rishworth and McBain discussed Budget/social services/Reply, Canberra-Sydney rail and public service at a doorstop.[Full Text]
Minister Collins discussed Budget/housing/immigration at a doorstop.[Full Text]
Peter Dutton discussed Budget Reply, housing, immigration, knife crime, nuclear energy and Israel/Hamas/Payman on 3AW.[Full Text]
Shadow Minister Hume discussed energy subsidy, immigration, housing and nuclear energy on News Radio.[Full Text]
Shadow Minister Bell discussed Budget Reply, housing, immigration and youth on ABC Gold Coast.[Full Text]
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