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Wednesday, 21 February 2024

The PM discussed Woolworths, commerce/regulation, Sydney Airport flight paths, border security, housing, tax, and Assange on ABC Sydney.[Full Text]
Minister Plibersek discussed Assange and fashion/recycling on ABC Sydney.[Full Text]
Minister Plibersek discussed those topics and Israel/Hamas on ABC24.[Full Text]
Minister Catherine King announced changes to Sydney Airport's demand management scheme.[Full Text]
Minister O'Connor is attending the OECD Skills Summit in Brussels.[Full Text]
UA issued an oped: 'Government's challenge is to embrace universities as partners'.[Full Text]
The NCVER issued 'The impact of increasing university participation on the characteristics of apprentices'.[Full Text]
Save our Schools issued 'Labor's Complete Capitulation to Elite Private Schools....Again!'[Full Text]
Minister Leigh announced the appointments of Dr Craig Emerson and Sally McMahon and reappointment of Katrina Groshinski to the Competition Council.[Full Text]
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